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Pretty in Pieces: Book Review

by Devin Brown 21 Apr 2024

There is comfort in realizing that after hardship comes peace. It’s difficult sometimes to even fathom a life of happiness after enduring literal turmoil. This is a great read and a not so subtle reminder that there is sunshine after the rain, and that alone was a relief for me, personally.

It takes a fairly deep dive into the writers early life, and emphasizes the mommy issues as well as daddy issues that shaped those crucial childhood and teenage years. The setting where the book takes place also contributes quite a lot. Growing up in a town where everyone is cutthroat and violence isn’t rare. This aggression and hyper-independence is without a doubt a key factor in the way the author (or anyone for that matter) navigates daily life circumstances and approaches situations. 

The author was dealt a difficult set of cards that caused quite a rough start to life, stemming from childhood. There was food on her plate, and a roof over her head and often times as long as you have those two things as a child, whatever you’re lacking becomes nearly irrelevant and frequently overlooked; especially in a black family. However, some of us unfortunately know the pain and awkwardness that comes with being in a household where neither your mother or father is present.

Growing up in a single parent home is one thing, but having none of your parents around and becoming the responsibility of other family members or family friends can cause a lot of anxiety and stress on a child. When children are stressed, it shows in their behavior and this continues through teenage years, adolescence, and adulthood and it’s up to them to create a life for themselves that heals their inner child. 

Obstacles are inevitable and sometimes we make choices the best we know how, whether it be career, or the people we let into our lives. Struggling from birth to find where you fit in this world or where you fit in even in your own family or household can lead to poor choices. But luckily we are given chances to make things right and it was so nice to see the author constantly make the best of her situation. It was inspiring to watch her grow and apply all the lessons she has learned over time to make better decisions as her life progressed. 

Another reminder this book touches on is that healing isn’t linear, and that it is completely okay and common to finally feel like you have a good handle on things and then still experience valleys along with the hills on the road of life. I’m happy to have read this book and I encourage anyone currently going through a hard time to read this book and root yourself as you root for the author; and to never forget that in order to get through something, you must keep going. Pretty in Pieces by Crystal Webb is available for purchase here.

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